Works in Progress

I am currently working on a New Adult manuscript with a working title of How Far We’ve Come, immersing the reader in what really happens when an unexpected visitor and a sudden diagnosis make love, life, and career collide. A first love lost may seem like the biggest tragedy a teenager could endure. But when a familiar face appears on Mallory’s doorstep after the start of her new career and organized single life, one day is about to change everything. This music teacher who loved having her life neat and organized is about to be thrust into a messy world where life, love, and cancer collide.

I also am looking forward to writing a memoir of my experiences and relationship with God regarding my journey as a neurosurgery patient and a woman living with life-threatening epilepsy. I want to gather journal entries and have much of it written in journal format– telling what happened, when it happened, the way it happened. A possible title for this is “God Could, and He Did.” ;-D

Thanks for reading!!! ;-D