Showing My Scars

This next post was originally going to be a book review of “You Are the Girl For the Job” by Jess Connolly, but instead I’ll just leave you with the link. (feel free to leave comments about the awesome book below!). Today I have something else to talk about.

Some people are ashamed of their scars. Also, some people are ashamed of other people’s scars. After my first set of brain surgeries in 2016, it was one of the very first times I was ever grossed out by my own body. I couldn’t even touch the ear-shaped scar filled with dissolvable stitches (although I thought it was pretty cool when the stitches would fall out! 😊), and in the beginning I washed that part of my scalp with a loufah instead of my fingers. However, I am not only unashamed of my scars, but want to let them be, uncovered and all. I want to let my hair fall naturally and no longer always part it on the other side. I also now have two different textures of hair– and you know what?– even though it often annoys me, it’s OKAY. Good, even. I know I am still a beautiful woman created by God WITH my scars. And, yes, with my next set of surgeries beginning July 7th (I mentioned May in a previous post, but the newest date is July 7th) I will probably have more/new scars and they might gross me out in the beginning. I may cover up hair loss with a wig. But, eventually, I hope to proudly display my scars again, embracing my true self and choosing not to hide them (some of the time, anyway 😉).

Henceforth, when my posts relate to my surgeries, I want to introduce the hashtag #journalthejourney !

As always, keep on smiling!

Hopefully we’ll talk again soon.


Tia 😊😁😊

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