The Gift of Time

There’s been a recurring theme in the past week or so– I was listening to Christian, founder of Cultivate What Matters, and author Lara Casey’s podcast called “How to Number Your Days,” based off of Psalm chapter 90, and then last night an important point arose in my Bible study group about doing what the Lord has put on our hearts now, because decades from now we don’t want to be thinking, “I wish I…”

What do the podcast and the topic in Bible study have in common?


Now some of us don’t have a lot of time. By that I don’t mean a death sentence or a busy schedule. I mean, some people’s bodies (like mine) need extra time to recoup even when all we’ve done is errands or slight tasks around the house. Today I woke up from a two-hour nap and I sometimes feel is that napping or resting drains time. Sometimes I struggle to sleep when I need to and it takes hours to finally fall asleep. My brain is constantly having seizure activity even though I seem to function fine (we can thank God for Himself, awesome doctors, and medicine that works!), so it makes me sleepy. It seems like my body could be preventing me from doing so many things!

But what should I do? I learn to work around it. I don’t need to think about what I can’t do– that would ruin my mood. Recently, I’ve honestly seen how well I am functioning despite my epilepsy and that is by the grace of God alone. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Four precious words that can start a list of things I do have and can do. And, when I work around my body, I can do even more.

So how do I get things done with a body like this?

Well, today I wrote a different type of to-do list: I listed the things that needed to get done, and then made another list below titled: “What I Can Do Today.” And guess what? I was able to do even more than expected! But that’s beside the point. Shouldn’t EVERY Christian not be planning too hard for tomorrow? Plan their year but have it planned in pencil? And shouldn’t everyone be focusing more on living than on planning????

Thus, I want to leave you with two pieces of advice:

  1. It’s okay not to get things done. Did you miss some days you planned to write or not wrap/buy/fill-in-the-blank everything you wanted to this holiday season? That’s okay. Prioritize.
  2. This is the most important one I want to work on. Do what matters most. Use the 86,400 seconds in every day to spend time with family, friends– to do what you love the most, etc. Maybe you should delete some things in your life. What’s crowding the space you could be using for God? Could you swap reading emails from campaigns you don’t even support for reading something that encourages you, inspires you, or helps you? Could you delete Facebook off your phone and add five more minutes to your Bible/prayer time instead? I’m sick of living in such a busy country where people do so much and live so little! Do something important, take part in something meaningful and long-lasting– something much bigger than little-old YOU. Shut off the phone and enjoy a God-given sunrise. Take less selfies and take more photos of fall leaves. This is NOT a charge to bring back the #YouOnlyLiveOnce trend but one to charge Americans to stop sitting on their butts and make a difference, whether it’s from a podium or a hospital bed! (And yes, my friends, it is totally possible to make a difference from a hospital bed. ;-D ) Because guess what?

Living for GOD is using time wisely. So don’t waste it. And believe it or not, you are creating a legacy this very moment whether you like it or not.

Have a great new year, my friends. God bless you!

Keep smiling!

Tia ;-D

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. I love the positivity you radiate! You are so right about planning, lives are so fluid and so our plans should be. Keep shining bright, you are a light in the world!


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