I published a post a while back called “A Song for Every Situation,” about music that inspires my writing. But there’s so much more to inspiration that I don’t want to limit it to that this time. So, I’m going to ask an important question:

What inspires you????

It could be music. It could be a Bible verse. It could be a specific person in your life that you want to write about or simply be like. But where does YOUR inspiration come from?

In addition to music (due to the emotion behind it), certain people have inspired me to create certain characters, or to simply continue my writing in general. Also, if nothing else, can you honestly say that our Lord Jesus Christ inspires you? Because He SO should. (And don’t worry, if you forget to be inspired by Him, I do too).  Just thinking of God coming to Earth in human form– something seemingly unimaginable– and openly portraying His love for us by never, ever sinning (or making God unhappy) and being nailed to a Roman cross– RISING AGAIN three days later– is something we should never, EVER not be inspired by. And to all the believers reading this, the Christians who have the Holy Spirit living in them, they have the power to be overcomers– Philippians 4:13, after talking about contentment in previous verses, says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (NKJV).

So be inspired, readers! It’s about time we stepped up, got off our couches and made the decision to remain inspired by the ULTIMATE Reason to be inspired– Jesus Christ!– and did those things that would honor Him– and make Him happy– and see ourselves prosper also. You never know what you can do until you try– but ALLOW yourself to be inspired first!

Have a great day, reader! And as always, keep on smiling!


Tia 🙂  ;-D

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