“Taking Flight” Book Review

    This time I’m taking a detour from writing advice to tell you about a great book-soon-to-be-movie, “Taking Flight” by Michaela DePrince. Once an orphan in a country full of war, Michaela dreamed of “dancing on her toes”– she wanted to be a ballerina from a very young age. Thankfully, she was adopted– and blessed greatly by God– by wonderful American parents who not only adopted her, but made her best friend her sister! Michaela takes the reader on an emotional journey as he/she learns of her first experiences in America, her loving new siblings, and great parents who will stop at nothing to help her progress as a ballerinea. The reader also learns of the hard work it takes to become successful in such a competitive sport (yes, everyone, please respect dance as a sport), and can see how Michaela’s hard work paid off as she succeeded in dancing in South Africa, IN a group from Harlem, and elsewhere across the world. Need a good cry? Read about her terrible experiences in the Sierra Leone orphanage where she was known as “number 27”– need a good laugh? Keep reading to hear about her and her sister Mia’s first times with light switches and the family piano! Overall, Michaela’s life is an inspiration and may very well give the reader a heart for Sierra Leone. It may also make the reader understand that those who were once ridiculed can rise above all other circumstances. And I know that for me, at least, it makes me excited to know that it is soon to be a movie! Sorry, reader, I can’t give you the release date, but I can give you the book review!

Have a great day, everyone, and I hope you’ll soon pick up this inspiring read that can fill your mind and heart with inspiration! Philippians 4:8– don’t forget what to fill your mind with! The Bible has clear standards!

I am looking forward to talking again soon, reader! Keep on smiling! 😀


Tia 😀 

P.S. (I apologize for the grammar mistakes. I’ve been having a few issues writing the blog posts regarding correcting errors). Thank you! 🙂

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